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Gehn v.4 is Live!

Gehn, the Guild of Writers/H'uru shard, has been updated on both the server and the client side to bring improvements, features and bug fixes. The client update will be available through the launcher, but you will have to update the game files copying them from your MOULa installation if you already have a Gehn installation. (refer to the "Important" section below).

Changes in this build:

  • Better quality KI snapshots
  • Fix landing behavior
  • Changed kickable behavior
  • Fixed some of the blocking stairs
  • Fix jitters in sliding collisions
  • Fix TOS encoding errors
  • Fix top arrow in the BigKI
  • Fix city book clasp
  • Fix Relto city book for guests
  • Fix server lock-ups
  • Lots of under-the-hood goodness
  • Update to MOULa build 905 data


This build brings the GoW shard to parity with Cyan's MOULa build 905, so you'll need to copy the data over manually if you already have a Gehn shard installation.  Please be sure your MOULa installation is up-to-date (run the patcher up to the log-in dialog), and then simply copy the files in the dat folder from your MOULa installation (typically found in C:\Program Files\Uru Live) over to your Gehn Shard's dat folder.  If you do not yet have a Gehn shard installation, make sure your MOULa installation is up-to-date as instructed above and then use the Gehn Shard installer.

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Gehn v.3 is Live!

Gehn*, the Guild of Writers/H'uru shard, has been updated on both the server and the client side to bring improvements, features and bug fixes. The client update will be available through the launcher, no user action is required.

Changes in this build:

  • Unlock client framerate
  • Improve PhysX sim stability
  • Better public age population tracking
  • Notify players when a buddy goes offline
  • Improve server stability
  • Fix city state issues


*Gehn is a MOULa test shard recently set up by the Guild of Writers in collaboration with H'uru. It runs Dirtsand written by Zrax as server software and is regurlarly updated with fixes and features from H'uru. For more information and how to play on the shard visit

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All Guilds Meeting - February 2012

Another successful event in Kirel!

Today we held another All Guilds Meeting in Kirel while the rest of the Cavern was having the Second Anniversary Celebrations, with Ghaelen streaming some wonderful, relaxing tunes.

Once again, we passed 50 people in Kirel, but luckily, we were been able to convince Chogon to raise the Population Limit to 200 awhile back, so there was no problem and everyone could attend.

The day was still filled with news. You can download the chat logs here: raw and cleansed


Annabelle: Annabelle is putting more time between releases of her Marker Quests because they are becoming harder and harder. She is currently working on the 5th release called "The D'ni Cavern", which will feature Quests in neighborhoods, Kirel, K'veer, the 6 Pubs, and the Great Zero. It should be ready in 2 weeks, and then 6th and 7th releases should follow quite soon. Lire la suite

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Evennement "tente des illusions" : introduction au hacking.

Les Grey Hats sont finallement prêt à vous recevoir au court de leur évênement "tente des Illustions" !

Les illusions qu'ils montreront serviront à enseigner les différent type de hacks qu'ils ont utilisé, et seront suivit par une session Question/Réponse.

Les portes seront ouverte à 12:00 KiTime est seront fermés à 13:00 KiTime. Attention : si vous n'êtes pas dans le quartiers avant que les portes soient fermés, vous ne pourrez plus y accéder.

Les Grey Hats utiliseront le serveur TeamSpeak pour discuter et non pas le serveur vocal MO:UL. Si vous ne l'avez pas, vous ne serez pas en mesure d'entedre ce qui sera dit. Le serveur TeamSpeak utiliser sera :

TeamSpeak est un logiciel libre disponible pour Windows, Mac OSX et Linux.

You pouverz téléchargé TeamSpeak en allant à

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Hood of Illusions
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Mars 19, 2011 - 12:00
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Hood of Illusions and Fun House are open!

The Fun House and The Hood of Illusions are finally open to the public!

OHB just announced it on the MOUL Forums.

Enjoy the new 'hoods!

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